Cyber Threat Intelligence Applied to Dark Web Domains

Obiettivo dello stage

The objective of the thesis is to use Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Big Data analysis strategies to develop a framework that can visit Dark Web domains and is able to perform the following tasks. 1) Crawling of the links contained in the page. 2) Semantic and natural language analysis on the web pages of the site, in order to understand what are the topics the page focuses on. 3) Correlation between different Dark Web sites, based on the links found in each visited site. The final result of the thesis will be the creation of a tool that will help a human operator in the analysis ofpotentially malicious Dark Web sites. A Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) platform plays a key role in continuously harvesting data from Open, Deep and Dark Web sources. Real-time data coming from Social media, Forums, Blogs, IRC channels, Paste sites, email groups, .onion domains via TOR (The Onion Router), and more must be put together in order to have a real-time, monitoring, and analysis framework.

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Requisiti tecnici e conoscenze informatiche Conoscenze di base su programmazione, sistemi, reti acquisite durante il percorso accademico. E' richiesta la conoscenza delle seguenti lingue Italiano: madrelingua Inglese: buono (B2-C1)

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Lo studente imparerà a lavorare in gruppo e a gestire un progetto dalla prima fase di analisi al rilascio finale.


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